More fun with movement


Ganzkörpertraining zur Kräftigung von Beckenboden-, Bauch- und Rückenmuskulatur

Full body training for strengthening pelvic, abdominal and back muscles

Those who regularly attend training courses do a lot for their health. It can reduce weight, strengthen the muscles and strengthen heart and circulation together with friendly people. Preventive courses protect against disease by strengthening the skeleton, joints, muscles and heart. No matter whether it is prevention courses or pure sports courses, training is fun because it is a particularly sustainable method to promote health. The strengthening of the whole body also reduces the risk of injury. Under the guidance of a trained physiotherapist, you can take part in sports courses which fit exactly to your personal requirements.


Pure muscle stretching was yesterday, today sports are creative


Die Faszien geben Ihrem Körper Form und Elastizität und bilden einen wichtigen Teil der Bindegewebsstruktur.

The fascia give your body shape and elasticity and form an important part of the connective tissue structure.

Faszien-Fitness, which can also be acquired in our Kurstraining, is similarly effective. The connective tissue structures of collagen give your body shape and elasticity. For decades, fascia in the sports trainer had no meaning until it was recognized that they were responsible for the resilience of tendons and ligaments. The fascia network passes through the whole body. In the meantime sports courses in Faszien-Fitness are offered in many studios. They are well suited as prevention courses. The physiotherapist plays a special role here, because he can assess individually which fascia should be trained. A whole package of exercises offers a lot of variety and thus also fun during the training.


Yoga – the far Eastern doctrine has a boom in Europe


Kombination von Körperhaltungen, Bewegungsabläufen, inneren Konzentrationspunkten und Atemführung

Combination of body postures, movement sequences, inner concentration points and breathing

Yoga is also an excellent preventive course. Yoga is also very popular with us. No other training brings body, mind, and breath into harmony with yoga. In our training courses, you learn week by week how the holistic teaching from India brings more health and well-being into your life. It combines elements of meditation with muscle strength, while always taking into account the breathing. Yoga means harmony and unity. This harmonizing effect of the body, mind and soul will also adapt itself to you after a certain time. The training is good for stress management and disease prevention. They become calmer and serene, at the same time vigorously you heart and muscles gently. Your concentration capacity also increases.


Core Performance – when heart and muscles play perfectly together


Übungen für mehr Mobilität, Flexibilität, Kraft, Agilität und Ausdauer

Exercises for more mobility, flexibility, strength, agility and endurance

Core Performance combines cardio and muscle training. It strengthens the body center and is also optimal for the mind. The holistic training concept was originally developed for professional athletes in the USA, and leisure athletes worldwide benefit from it. The fitness program, in particular, trains the smallest and smallest muscle groups on the hips, back and shoulders as well as the oblique abdominal muscles. Only a rubber band or cable is required as a sports device. This is not about fast muscle build-up, but about more energy, strength and mobility.


Workout with your own body weight


Körpergewichtstraining: Übungen nur mit dem eigenen Körper, die überall gemacht werden können

Body Weight Training: Exercise only with your own body, which can be made anywhere

A very good way to build muscle and lose weight is body weight training. This functional training is ideal as a workout, because the usual weight is no longer necessary. Instead, your own body becomes a training device. The strengthening is achieved by the interplay of several muscle groups. Body weight training is varied and holistic. Abdominal and back muscles support where training equipment was necessary in the past. In functional training, you practice important movement patterns so that you achieve more body, better posture, more agility and stamina. You will learn the exercises in the course with professional guidance and can easily carry them out at home.