• How do I register for an appointment?

    You might use our contact form on this website to register. Otherwise you can always give us a call at 0049-611-13555412. Please note, that in Germany you should usually start your prescription within 2 weeks if you like to clear it with a health insurance. Private insurances are exempted from this regulation.

  • What happens in my first appointment?

    The first appointment of a prescription usually is an indication appointment. The therapist will take a systematic record and asks for diseases, your current medication and disabilities. After this talk the therapist will also do a visual checkup. Please make sure to bring all your indication documents or email it to us beforehand so that we can ensure a detailed report.

  • Do I have to bring a towel?

    We ask you to bring a towel if possible. You can leave it at the practice fort he next time, if you have more than one appointment. But do not worry, we will also have some towels available if you forget yours.

  • Do you like my feedback?

    Steady quality checks are important for growing and improving our business and service. For that reason we are always thankful for your feedback. Please talk to us directly or use the variety of online platforms like jameda, facebook or Google Plus.

  • Which kind of clothes to wear?

    Please wear comfortable clothes that you can easily strech in. If possible bring some sporty clothes and shoes- especially if you use the workout area and the gym machines. If you have a regular physiotherapy appointment you do not have to change clothes. Please note that for your personal belongings we have lockers that can be used. Otherwise please take them with you into the practice rooms.

  • When should I arrive?

    Please arrive about 10 minutes early so that we can ensure you to have enough time for your treatment. If you ever should have to wait please feel free to have some water and look through the magazines.

  • During which times are you open?

    You can have appointments monday through thursday between 8 am and 8 pm, on friday we are available between 8 am and 4 pm. Please give us a call at 0049-(0)611-13555412 or via E-Mail to info@pt-duenow.de.

  • How do I get there by bus?

    Please use one of the following busses to get to the bus stop „Kirchgasse“ which is about a 5 minute walk from our practice: 2, 4, 5, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20-24, 27, 36, 45-48, 50, 64-66, 68

  • How is the parking situation?

    There are three parking houses around. Please note that some are quite narrow to get through with a big car:
    the newly renovated „Mauritius-Parkhaus“ offers some space and costs about 1,50 € per hour, the „City-Parkhaus II“ is 1,50 € per hour as well. You will find both entrances at the „Schwalbacher Strasse“. If you are lucky you will find a parking space on the street at the upper „Schwalbacher Strasse“ near Michelsberg. The „Karstadt-Parkhaus“ costs you 2,50 € per hour and you will get there if you arrive from „Friedrichstrasse“ through „Kirchgasse“- but please note that this parking house is quite challenging with a big car.

  • Where is the practice located?

    You will find the practice for physiotherapy at the third floor of the building „Kirchgasse 62“, which is located at the main shopping street in Wiesbaden. The entrance is directly in between the stores „Hallhuber“ and „New Yorker“ at the „Mauritius Platz“ near „Karstadt“. We have an elevator but like to encourage our patients to use the stairs if possible.

  • Which languages do you speak?

    All therapists speak German and English fluently. Some therapists can even speak French.

  • What happens, if I can not attend?

    If you ever have to cancel an appointment, please make sure to let us know at least 24 hours in advance. If we can not answer the phone, please leave us a message. For spontaneous cancellations we will charge about 20 to 50 € per session. We ask for your appreciation.

  • Are there any extra payments with public insurances?

    If you are in a German compulsory insurance there is a contribution of 10 € plus 10% of the prescription value that you have to pay on your own. This charge ist o be paid during your first or second appointment. If you have an exemption from medical contributions, make sure to bring it with you. A small advice on this topic: Most medical insurances have set a yearly limit for medical contributions for their customers. So make sure to keep all invoices.

We are looking forward to meet you!