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How do we work at the physiotherapy?

At the beginning of each physiotherapy unit there is an exact anamnesis and a detailed function diagnosis. It is important for us to work effectively from the beginning to possibly reach the best outcome. After the appraisal, your therapist chooses the therapy and training methods tailored to your needs, which will be modified from unit to unit. In the different phases of the physiotherapy we combine different physiotherapeutic techniques with functional training. From the start we involve our patients into the therapy planning. Prescriptions of all doctors are accepted and even without a prescription, we are entitled to treat you on a selfpay basis.

The therapy approach of our physiotherapy

We have set ourselves the task of treating patients in a pleasant atmosphere to lead them to their goals. Roland Dunow and his highly qualified team will activate, individually motivate and lead everyone to their best mobility. The physiotherapeutic treatment offered is wide ranging from manual therapy, personal training, kinesio-taping, flossing, scoliosis therapie, exercise machines and more. The entire team is highly interested in further education. The latest research findings are discussed and deepened in regular team meetings. Due to the individual strengths and interests the therapy approach of each therapist is easily distinguishable. As a matter of fact, at the physiotherapy practice Dunow we are convinced of the principle that one can only be successful together. The use of fango, heat, cryotherapy and taping is supported. Another aspect is prevention: everyone can use the opportunity to undergo a physiotherapeutic examination. On the basis of the findings, the therapist creates an entire fitness program. This offer is especially interesting for athletes who are preparing for a competition.

Central location at Kirchgasse in Wiesbaden

At the centre of Wiesbaden the practice for physiotherapy was first opened at Michelsberg in 2013. After almost three years of successful practice, larger premises had to be built. With 270 square meters, the therapeutic area has increased enormously. At the Kirchgasse 62, equipment, functional training and various sports and prevention courses are offered. With physiotherapy, manual therapy, PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) and more patients are being treated in the best possible ways.